Continuing on from a third generation family vineyard and winery business Ackland Vineyard Services has provided services to the viticulture industry throughout the Clare Valley since 1998, with current owners Aaron and Kathrynn Ackland taking over in July 2009.

Ackland Vineyard Services provide a full range of machinery and labour for vineyard management, employing up to 250 people during peak times of picking and pruning. Services range from day to day tasks to complete vineyard management services.

We are active in supporting the local Clare Valley, Gladstone and Riverton communities with school based projects developing their viticulture curriculum.

Ackland Vineyard Services have recently purchased Greenwood Park Harvesting for barrel pruning and machine harvesting creating a new business – Ackland Harvesting.

Working together with Employment Directions, Ackland Vineyard Services provide and training and employment paths for those looking for a career in vineyard management.

Ackland Vineyard Services incorporates Clare Vineyard Spraying.

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