Based at Penwortham in the heart of the Clare Valley, Ackland Vineyard Services, Ackland Harvesting and Clare Vineyard Spraying provide a comprehensive range of vineyard management and harvesting services.

These services include cultivating, spraying, post replacement and general vineyard maintenance as well as teams for hand pruning and picking and machine harvesting.

This comprehensive list of services is provided by the following machinery.

Ackland Harvesting

New Holland Braud Self Propelled VX9090 Grape Harvesters New Holland Braud Self Propelled VX7090 Grape Harvesters

5 UR Vinestar 800 new with generation head

End tipping Fabroweld gondolas with scales and bin trailers

Clare Vineyard Spraying

Silvan 3500L 3 row turbo wrap fungicide sprayer Silvan 2 2000L row turbo wrap fungicide sprayer Silvan 2009L single row turbo miser

1000L herbicide unit with hydraulic adjustment

2000L herbicide 2 row unit

Enviromist Unit

Ackland Vineyard Services

A Pellenc TL20 and TRV60 with Viso Barrel Pruners

2 Agrow Plow seeders and 1 oconner shae seeder

Clemens double sided Automatic undervine weeder Massey Ferguson and single sided knife/jigger

Seymour Spreader ideal for all mulches, gypsum and manure

Ledgaurd Vineshaping Snips

Rebaud Vibroscoic Rotating Post Driver
Munro Tele Autodriver
Munro Tele-Set Post Driver

Pellenc Green leaf trimmer
RTV Equipped with 1 or 2 Sthil Trimmers

Eagle Multi row Bird Netting Machine

All other vineyard equipment such as slashers, discs and hoes.